Instant loan with the help of a guarantor

The bank will demand the outstanding amount immediately from the guarantor. If not paid, the guarantor is obliged to pay; and immediately. If my husband had not been unemployed, I would have gotten him immediately. This means that the creditor can immediately assert a claim against the debtor. Directly enforceable guarantee to be able to immediately resort to the guarantor in the event of the insolvency of the debtor.

Rental deposit contract is accepted

Rental deposit contract is accepted

The rental deposit contract is accepted by almost all owners without any problems. Our tip: still go on the safe side and inquire with your host. The simple online registration makes the assignment of a rent deposit guarantee easy. Safe accommodation for tenants and hosts. In order to have the security for your host that we can stand up for you, every guarantee has a unique identification.

Your landlord can access our warranty check with the warranty and ID documents. At this point, we will again give you all the details of your rent deposit guarantee.

Existing companies: Garantiestelle Schleswig-Holstein

Existing companies: Garantiestelle Schleswig-Holstein

The Best bank is responsible for assisting companies with market development, the establishment of new processes or other economically sensible measures. Whether it is a tangible investment in land, plant and equipment, as well as lease financing or investment in intangible assets, operating resources and guarantees, the Best bank can assist in the realization of loan applications.

Due to the increasing cost pressure at banks and savings banks, there is also a streamlining of the settlement in the commercial financing business. In order to ensure coverage by means of performance guarantees, especially for smaller loans, the Best bank has created corresponding offers that meet the new needs of the banks. At SME Immediate, commercial banks can quickly and easily secure a guarantee over the network, and BoB Mentors can immediately claim companies for a liability for defects, which must be obtained only after approval by the commercial bank.

The bankruptcy also obliges the credit institutions to increasingly make their credit decisions on the basis of objective credit ratings. However, the lack of openness of a business or project often leads to a negative credit rating of the institutions and thus a negative credit rating decision. It is the endeavor of the Best bank to reopen the doors to the market for loans to a certain extent.

This is realized by combining the traditional guarantee with accompanying care. An offer for banks, which want to secure small loans quickly and easily with our guarantee. What are the costs of this warranty? If you only want to secure your financing needs, use the standard guarantee for existing companies.

Standard guarantee up to 1.25 million USD What is the consequence? For timely rated borrowers of Fine Bank credit rating classes 1 to 3, fast and uncomplicated guarantees are available at favorable conditions. Standard warranty from USD 100,000 to USD 1,25 million. What do you charge for this warranty?

Do you have a financing requirement of max.

Do you have a financing requirement of max.

USD 100,000 and have difficulties in identifying in advance a commercial bank open to your financing needs, then use the direct route to the guarantee bank with BoB mentors. What are the costs of this warranty? Information on the supervisors is available at A business extension?

You have a convincing business concept and have brought your commercial bank. Subsequently, the guarantee bank will provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the SME programs with the necessary guarantees for the financing. You are not even able to persuade a commercial bank of your concern? Then try BoB Mentors (“BoB” = guarantee without bank).

In principle, the journey to the Best bank takes place via the bank, which issues a petition for a petition together with you. When financing the guarantee bank, contact your commercial bank directly. By securing your loan project by the Best bank not only the lending willingness of your bank is increased, but also affects the terms.

Ask yourself what the loan costs you with or without guarantee of the guarantee bank. You can create the warranty claim on the Internet. The general conditions for granting a guarantee can also be found in the General Warranty Rules (ABB). Companies with loan applications of up to USD 100,000 can also contact the guarantee bank directly.

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