Residential loan – the purchase of energy-efficient new apartments and houses

Best Bank is now granting building land for residential projects. I liked the task immediately, I did not have to think twice. Come back to Berlin as soon as possible. As a rule, we can send you a course ad right away. The sponsor of the grant is the Best Bank.

The privately financed objects are supported

The IFB Hamburg: details

With immediate effect, the Best bank promotes the purchase of energy-efficient new apartments and houses. The support is dependent on every conceivable link with other funding priorities of the Best bank, so that otherwise privately financed objects are supported. Together with an additional Hamburg home owner supplement (Best bank leaflets 2 or 4, Part A), the supplement for energy-efficient living amounts to 200 USD per sqm of living space (Intrasavings bank 40 standard) or 250 USD per sqm living space with the passive house standard, limited to max , 130 sqm.

The funding will be paid in equal installments over a period of 10 years. The subsidy for energy-efficient living amounts to 160 USD per sqm living space (Intrasavings bank 40 standard) or 200 USD per sqm living space with the passive house standard, limited to max. 130 sqm. The scholarship will be paid in one amount.

New rental home

New rental home

The construction of apartments with low rental prices and modern technology is promoted by us. In doing so, the investor can choose between two different funding channels, which are divided in terms of income threshold, initial rent and financing amount. The funding program has a modular structure: Additional subsidies for particularly energy-efficient construction, disabled-friendly apartments or elevator systems can be selected via various additional modules.

The eligibility period normally extends over a period of 15 years, optionally over 20 or 30 years. For rental and usage obligations, the deadline is based on the funding period.

The financial market crisis

The financial market crisis

In Germany, the financial market crisis is beginning to affect the real economy, for example in the automotive industry. To what extent other sectors in Hamburg are in need due to capacity bottlenecks, are unable to make the necessary capital expenditures and jobs are in danger is not public yet. For the mainly medium-sized economy in Germany, the necessary liquidity and credit supply must be guaranteed at an early stage.

In addition, accompanying measures are needed, which in particular reduce the burden on citizens and businesses, stimulate consumption and stimulate public and private investment activities. Hamburg also has to adapt to the requirements and initiate appropriate measures in the course of its possible applications. The Parliament therefore asks the Federal Council to investigate the extent to which individual economic sectors in Hamburg must be supported in connection with the financial market crisis in order to avoid consequences for the Hanseatic City and its employees. a) in the energy-efficient renovation of buildings, b) in the early planned renovation of a building in the school work area, c) in the full utilization of residual budgets for investment-related investment projects for construction industry.

The immediate start of the establishment of an investment bank through the transformation of the Housing Loan to build further funding opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and municipal infrastructures. Strengthening small and medium-sized businesses in Hamburg and giving them priority when awarding contracts.


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